Back in 2001 Tommy started to play his first shows with his drive-in show Music nation. The drive-in show grew to a professional sound and light rental company in the next years. From 2005 people wanted to book Tommy more as a DJ, without a drive-in show. The artist DJ Tom’E was born. 

Tom’E played at al the local clubs, bars and pop-stages. Still the drive-in show was busy as well. In these years every weekend was fully booked. Every friday, saturday and allmost every week on another day was booked. In the upcoming years DJ Tom’E played at all kind of clubs, discotheques, festivals and even in other countries. 

Tom’E started to play as a allround DJ, every style of music was played during his sets and shows. But there was allways a preference for House music. And not only EDM or deep-house, but House music in the greatest meaning of House music. Groovy tech-house beats, some deep-house and just House music. But the thing was that people booked Tom’E most of the times to play allround music. It wasn’t really clear if he could grow as a house DJ or only party and allround DJ.

So in 2020 during the corona crisis Tommy decided to get an alias: Edelhouse. The love for House music was so big that this alias was coming sooner or later. This was the perfect moment to start as Edelhouse. There are lot’s of tracks coming up which will be released under the new artist name. 

Actually to call Edelhouse an alias isn’t realy correct. It just needs some time to replace DJ Tom’E by Edelhouse. With over 1250 performances as an allround DJ there isn’t really a challenge in that anymore. So now to focus on groovy house beats and producing is the new thing. 

Tom’E can still play as allround DJ, but now it is clear what kind of music Tom’E plays and what Edelhouse plays. “I don’t know how long Tom’E will still excist, my passion for house music is greater than being an allround DJ. It is time for me to grow up as a DJ and find out more about House music and my passion for it.”